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Referencing (TAFE)

Safety Data Sheet

Find the author in the details of the supplier of the safety data sheet section. 

In-text citation 

(Author, Year of last update).

(Chemwatch, 2021)

(Polo Citrus Australia, 2024)

Reference list

Author, A. (Year of last update). Title of safety data sheet (Data sheet number) [Safety data sheet]. https//:xxx

Chemwatch. (2021). A1 Chemicals Bleach (11-26377) [Safety data sheet].

Polo Citrus Australia. (2024). Bleach [Safety data sheet].

The first example is of a SDS created by the Chemwatch Database only available in the database.

The second example is of a SDS created by the supplier and available on the internet as well as via Chemwatch.

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