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Referencing (TAFE)


Note: You only need to include the information you have available e.g. there may not be producer or podcast network listed. 


In-text Citation

Rule: (Author Year of production)

(Powers 2017)

Reference List
Rule: Host H (host) and Producer P (producer) (Day Month Year) ‘Title of podcast: subtitle of podcast’ [podcast], Name of podcast, Name of Podcast Network, accessed Day Month Year, URL.

Powers J (host) (23 March 2017) 'Next generation technology concepts at Panasonic house' [podcast], Geekazine, accessed 29 June 2021,

Jarrett C (host) and Van Nuys D (producer) (23 June 2021) 'The science of becoming your best self' [podcast], Developmental neuroscience, Shrink Rap Radio, accessed 29 June 2021,

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