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Referencing (TAFE)

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Computer Program

Note: Only need to include information you have access to. If you can not find the author, use the title in place of author.


In-text citation

Rule: (Title of Computer software Year)

Rule: Title of Computer software (Year)

'We used the Obscure Reference Generator (Esolang 2014) and Version 1.0 of Customized Synergy (2014) to complete our work'.


Reference list


Rule: Author AA (Year) 'Title of software', version [computer software], Publisher, Location.

Esolang AN (2014) 'Obscure reference generator', version 2.1 [computer software], E and K Press, Washington.


No author

Rule: Title of work (Year) version [computer software], credits, accessed Day Month Year, URL.

Workrave (2013) version 1.10 [computer software] developed by R Caelers and R Penners, accessed 13 July 2017,


Note: You only need to include information you have access to e.g. you may not have information on the publisher location available. 


In-text citation

(Title of work Year)

(Soils 1999)


Reference list

Title of work (Year) [CD-ROM], Publisher, Location, Credits.

Soils: geographical on CD ROM (1999) [CD-ROM], Random House, Melbourne.

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