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Referencing (TAFE)


Cite the organisation that created the brochure as the author unless an individual author is listed.

If the author and publisher are the same then omit the publisher.


In-text citation

(Author, Year of publication)

(Department of Health and Ageing, n.d.)

(Strock, 2002)

(Mercy Health System, n.d.)


Author (Year of publication)

Department of Health and Ageing (n.d.)

Mercy Health System (n.d.)

Strock (2002)


Direct quote: (Author, Year of publication, para. x)

(Department of Health and Ageing, n.d., para. 4)

(Strock, 2002, para. 2)

(Mercy Health System, n.d., para. 6)


Reference list


Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of resource [Pamphlet OR Brochure]. Publisher.

Strock, M. (2002). Depression [Pamphlet]. National Institutes of Health.


Corporate Author. (Year of publication). Title of resource [Pamphlet OR Brochure]. 

Mercy Health System. (n.d.). Depression [Brochure].


Pamphlet / brochure from a website

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of resource [Pamphlet OR Brochure]. https://:wwww.xxxxx

Department of Health and Ageing. (n.d.). Healthy eating for children [Brochure].

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