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Referencing (TAFE)


Note: For direct quotes include a timestamp in the in-text citation after the creator and year, indicating the point at which the quotation begins.

In-text citation

Rule: (Creator Year of upload) 

(Australian Government Department of Health 2020)

Rule: (Author Year of upload:Timestamp)

'Nearly 95% of Aussie five year olds are fully vaccinated, but we need to do more to protect all our kids' (Australian Government Department of Health 2020:0:10). 

Reference list

Rule: Creator C or Owner of Video (Day Month Year) Title of video [video], Name of Channel or Owning Organisation if different from Creator or Owner, Name of Website, accessed Day Month Year, URL.

Australian Government Department of Health (28 February 2020) Get the facts: immunisation facts in 90 seconds [video], YouTube, accessed 6 March 2020,

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