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Referencing (TAFE)

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In-text citation

(Director/Producer, Year of release)

(Ashton & McAuliff, 2019)

(Davidson, 1999)

(De Heer, 2006)


Director/Producer (Year of release)

Ashton & McAuliff (2019)

Davidson (1999)

De Heer (2006)

Reference List

Director B. B. (Director). (Year of release). Title of movie [Format e.g. Motion picture or DVD]. Publisher. https://xxxxx

Ashton, Y., & McAuliff M. (Producers). (2010). Catering skills: Behind the scenes [Film]. Educational Media Australia.

Davidson, J. (Director). (1999). B. F. Skinner: A fresh appraisal [Film]. Davidson Films.

De Heer, R. (Director). (2006). Ten Canoes [Film]. Vertigo Productions.


You are not required to include how you watched the film, ie theatre, DVD or streaming (APA, 2020, p.343). For YouTube and TED talks refer to  YouTube/TED talk section.

Television Program

If the series is ongoing, use the word 'present' in place of the second year (American Psychological Association, 2020).

In-text citation

(Executive Producers, Year-Year)

(Gupta & Plowman, 2001-2003).

Executive Producers (Year-Year)

Gupta and Plowman (2001-2003)


Reference list

Producer, P. P. (Executive Producers). (Year). Title [TV series]. Publisher.

Gupta, A., & Plowman, J. (Executive Producers). (2001-2003). The office [TV series]. Capital United Nations Entertainment; The Identity Company.

TV series episode or webisode

In-text citation

(Writer & Director, Year)

(Karmel & Perkins, 2019)

(Frost et al., 1990)

Writer and Director (Year)

Karmel and Perkins (2019)

Frost et al. (1990)

Reference list

Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Year, Month Day). Title of episode (Season No., Episode No.) [TV series episode]. In P. P. Producer (Executive Producer), Title of series. Production Company.

Karmel, P. (Writer), & Perkins, R. (Director). (2019, October 27). (Season 1, Episode 3) [TV series episode]. In R. Griffiths, K. Martin, & S. Riley (Executive Producers), Total Control. Blackfella Films; ABC Studios.

Frost, M., & Lynch, D. (Writers), & Dunham, D. (Director). (1990, April 12). Traces to Nowhere (Season 1, Episode 2) [TV series episode]. In M. Frost & D. Lynch (Executive Producers), Twin Peaks. Lynch/Frost Productions; Propaganda Film; Spelling Television; Twin Peaks Productions.

Television / Radio - Advertisement

In-text citation

(Producer, Year)

(Beyondblue, 2009)

Reference list

Producer, A. A. (Producer). (Year, Month Day of broadcast). Title of work [Television/Radio advertisement]. Location: Studio.

Beyondblue. (Producer). (2009). Beyondblue: Anxiety [Television advertisement]. Canberra, Australia: WIN TV.

Radio / TV interview

In-text citation

(Interviewee, Year)

(Patel, 2016)

Interviewee (Year)

Patel (2016)

Reference list

Interviewee. I. I. (Year, Month Day of program). Title of the interview [Interview]. Title of program. Studio or archive name; Site Name. https://xxxxx

Patel, D. (2016, December 21). Dev Patel on starring in new film 'Lion' and Indian identity [Interview]. Radio National; ABC.

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