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Referencing (TAFE)

Legal Cases

In-text Citation

Note: If a case is known by an abbreviated title include this in the first in-text citation. The abbreviated title can then be used in future citations.

Rule: Name of the case (abbreviated title)

Commonwealth v Tasmania (Tasmanian Dam Case)

Note: For specific page reference: use the word 'at' before the page number

Rule: Name of the case (abbreviated title) at xx

Namoa v The Queen at 9 


Reference List

Note: The reference details (volume of report series, report series abbreviation, starting page number) are separated by a space rather than a comma.

Rule: Case name (Year of decision) Volume is applicable Abbreviation of law report series First page of case Starting page number (Abbreviated title).

The State of New South Wales v The Commonwealth (1915) 20 CLR 54 (Wheat case).

Acts, Legislation


  • The jurisdiction is abbreviated and written in round brackets e.g. for Commonwealth use: (Cth)
  • The titles of pieces of legislation should be cited exactly, do not alter spelling or capitalisation.

Use these shortened forms:

  • Cth (the Commonwealth)
  • ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
  • NT (Northern Territory)
  • NSW (New South Wales)
  • Qld (Queensland)
  • SA (South Australia)
  • Tas (Tasmania)
  • Vic (Victoria)
  • WA (Western Australia).

Use these abbreviations for units of an Act:

  • Part - Pt
  • Division - Div
  • Subdivision - Subdiv
  • Section/s - s OR ss
  • Subsection/s - subs OR subss
  • Paragraph/s - para OR paras
  • Subparagraph/s - subpara / subparas

If you are using a direct quote pinpoint the exact location of the quote, e.g.:

  • section 113V
  • subsection 113V(4)
  • paragraph 113V(4)(a)
  • subparagraph 113V(4)(a)(ii).


In-text Citation

Note: The title of the act is followed by the year, both are italicised.

Rule: Title of the Act Year (abbreviation of the jurisdiction)

Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Act 1991...

Water Management Act 2000 (NSW).

Reference list

Rule: Title of the Act Year (abbreviation of the jurisdiction)

Crimes Act 1900 (ACT).

Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (QLD).

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