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Referencing (TAFE)


In-text citation

(Creator, Year)

Creator (Year)

(Delacroix, 1826 – 1827)

(Wood, 1930)

Or Delacroix (1826 – 1827)

Wood (1930)


Reference list

Creator. (Year). Title [Type of artwork]. Repository, Repository location.

Creator. (Year). Title [Type of artwork]. Repository, Repository location. https//:xxxx

Delacroix, E. (1826 - 1827). Faust attempts to seduce Marguerite [Lithograph]. The Louvre, Paris, France.

Wood, G. (1930). American Gothic [Painting]. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States.

  • Use this format to cite all types of museum artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, drawings, and installations; always include a description of the medium or format in square brackets after the title.
  • For untitled artwork, include a description in square brackets in place of the title. 
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