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YouTube Videos

YouTube is a video sharing website that allows anyone to watch and upload videos for free. Anyone can register to become a user.

YouTube Terms and Conditions allow only personal use so YouTube videos should not be shown in public outside of class.

Videos can be shown in classes both online and face to face for education purpose under s28 of the Copyright Act. However they cannot be recorded during a class as it is considered a reproduction.

Like text and images, YouTube videos have copyrights. Recording YouTube videos while playing them is breaching copyright.

Educators should incorporate YouTube videos into PowerPoint, Adobe Express presentations and Connect units by linking or embedding.

Educators should not use any video that is likely to be an infringing copy ie. pirated or illegal copy.  

YouTube Dos and Don'ts
Do Do Not
Use videos uploaded by legitimate copyright owners.  Use videos containing infringing content or are clearly not created by the uploader (ie. pirated or copied).
Play Youtube videos only for educational purpose in classrooms (may be online) where people in the audience are giving or receiving instruction. Play non-TAFE Queensland created YouTube videos in the presence of members of the public. 
Pause recording before playing/streaming any YouTube videos in class. Provide URLs or links separately for students watching the recorded class. Play YouTube videos during class recordings
Embed or provide URLs to YouTube videos in training material. eg. in PowerPoint and Adobe Express presentations, Connect announcements and content. Make copies of YouTube videos and supply to students via Connect or in any format where further copies can be made.
Include the title, uploader/channel information, URL and length of the YouTube video under the embed so students can see what they will be watching and how long it is before clicking the Play button. Take screenshots from YouTube without attribution.


Embed in Connect or PowerPoint

Mental health first aid - be one of the million. By Mental Health First Aid Australia. 3:02. On YouTube

Embed in Adobe Express 

  • click on the image below to view the sample presenation containing YouTube video embeds.

Footprinting Best Practice


Screenshot from TAFE Queensland created YouTube videos

Screenshot from Navigating Connect as a Student

Screenshot from Navigating Connect as a Student by TAFE Queensalnd Connect (2023), YouTube.

(Note: the title of the YouTube video is hyperlinked to source if the content is supplied to students in digital format only.)

Making play dough

From Making Play Dough by TAFE Queensland (2020), YouTube, 

(Note: the source URL is provided instead of hyperlinked if the content is used in non-digital format.)

Screenshot from Non-TQ created YouTube videos

Company structure from Investopedia Video: Understanding A Company's Corporate Structure by Investopedia, YouTube. Copied under s113P.


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