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Information for Staff

Print Publication (With Permission)

TAFE Queensland requires all non-TAFE Queensland material to be attributed.

With licenced content, state that the material has been used under licence.

If you have acquired written permission from the copyright owner to use their material, the permission should be uploaded to the Licences Collection in Resourcebank. Always check Resourcebank for any existing licences and permissions before seeking new ones.

TAFE Queensland has a Copyright Permission Request form you can use when seeking permission from copyright owners. If you have any questions, contact your Learning Services Librarian or the Copyright & Licencing Services Team. 


Use this form to seek written permission from copyright owners to use their material in TAFE Queensland training delivery.

Once completed and signed off, upload to the Licence Collection in Resourcebank

225 FM A Copyright Permission Request Form


When attributing print publications with permission, include as much as possible the following information:

  • Author and publisher names
  • Title, edition or date of publication
  • ISBN or ISSN 

State that it has been used with permission or under licence.

From BSBITU304, BSBITU314, Software Publications, ISBS 978-1-925291-26-1, used under licence.

From Pollution Solutions : Motor Service Industries, N2000-144, published by Brisbane City Council, April 2000, used with permission. 



yellow bird sitting on top of a bird cage

Photograph of a bird. © Susan Fowkes 2015, used with permission

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