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Information for Staff

Website (with permission)

Most websites have their own Terms and Conditions stating what people can do with their content. Some explicitly state that you can use their content for education. With these websites, you can treat them as granting you permission to use their content in education, and when attributing, state that it's used with permission.

Where you need to register or pay a subscription to access and download the material, the subscription terms will tell if you can use it in education or for your classes. Such content can only be used by you in your training delivery. Attribute as used under subscription and do not share with other staff members. If you wish others to use the content, recommend to the PLC for a TAFE Queensland subscription.

Where you need to use significant amount from a website and they do not permit reproduction, contact them to seek permission.

If you have acquired written permission from the copyright owner to use their material, the permission should be uploaded to the Licences collection in Resourcebank. Always check Resourcebank for any existing licences and permissions before seeking new ones.

TAFE Queensland has a Copyright Permission Request form you can use when seeking permission from copyright owners. If you have any questions, contact your Learning Services Librarian or the Copyright & Licencing Services Team. 

Use this form to seek written permission from copyright owners to use their material in TAFE Queensland training delivery.

Once completed and signed off, upload to the Licence Collection in Resourcebank

225 FM A Copyright Permission Request Form

When attributing material used with permission from a website, include as much as possible the following information:

  • Author, business or website name
  • Title or page name
  • Date of publication
  • ISBN or ISSN
  • Full URL

Add to the end of the attribution - used with permission .

Where the copyright owner has nominated their preferred wording for attribution, follow their instructions.

Concealed Ceiling Systems  Volume 3.2, Studco Building Systems, used with permission.

From Gyprock Residential Installation Guide - Class 1 & 10 Buildings, May 2020, CSR Gyprock Building Prodcuts. 9345841104823, used with permission.



Suttontools Morse Taper Sleeve

Diagram of Morse Taper Sleeve, from Suttontools Industrial Catalogue 2022, Suttontools, used with permission.

Copyright and disclaimer