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Information for Staff

About This Guide

This guide has been created to provide examples on how to attribute TAFE Queensland's own intellectual property as well as non-TAFE content when staff  are creating or compiling resources for TAFE Queensland training delivery.

If there are any particular resource type or source not covered, please contact the Copyright and Licencing Services Team 

Where To Place Attributions

All non-TAFE Queensland intellectual property needs to be attributed to acknowledge the moral rights of the creators. 

For text, attribute as you would for an in-text citation, and state whether it's used with permission, licence or under s113P of the Copyright Act.

For images, attribute below or next to the image. 

If it is not possible to include the attributions on the same page, you can create a list of all attributions along with the location within the document and put it at the beginning of the document near the copyright statement or at the end of the document as closing credits. 

Copyright and disclaimer