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Information for Staff

Free Stock Photography

There are free collections of photographs and images that you can download and use in TAFE Queensland training resources.

Some of them state that you do not need to attribute the creator but appreciate a donation. Note that all images that you did not create yourself and are not TAFE Queensland created must be attributed.

Below are some examples of such websites:

You will need to sign up with a TAFE Queensland email address in order to access and download images.

They all contain sponsored contents - do not use any of the sponsored images.


Most stock photography websites will provide attribution information for you to copy when you download an image.

To attribute images from stock photography websites, include as much information as possible from the following:

  • Title of the image
  • Name or pseudonym of the creator of the original work
  • URL of the source image
  • Website name
  • Licence information and link to the licence

State that it is used under licence.


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