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Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) is an internationally active non-profit organisation that provides free licences for creators to use when making their works available to the public.

All CC licences allow work to be used for educational purposes. There are different elements creators can add to their works:

Attribution (BY)
Non-Commercial (NC) 
No Derivative Works (ND)
Share Alike (SA)

When you use any CC material, you must always :

  • attribute the creator 
  • keep any copyright notice attached to the work intact on all copies of the work
  • provide a link to the CC licence
  • where you make changes to the work, acknowledge the original work.  

Using Creative Commons Openverse

  1. Access the Openverse website 
  2. Filter for the type of material you need, eg All content or Images
  3. Run the search and further filter the results by Use, Licences, Image type, Extension, Image size and Source etc.
  4. Click on  the image to view the licence and use information, copy the "credit the creator" information and paste into your resource to attribute the image.

Attribute Creative Commons material by including the following information:

1. Name or pseudonym of the creator of the original work

2. Title of the work

3. Details of the licence e.g. Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia and hyperlink to the licence

4. The URL of the original work and the website it was found on e.g. Flickr

Lifting, pushing and pulling (manual tasks), from Safe Work Australia (C) Commonwealth of Australia Used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0)

Photograph of a rainbow

"Rainbow" by miri695 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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