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Information for Staff

TAFE Queensland Content

All TAFE Queensland publications or works should contain the TAFE Queensland Copyright Statement.

Where the format of the resource makes it difficult to apply the full copyright statement, e.g. hand out, quiz, diagram, image, use the short copyright notice.

Works created in the course of employment are all copyright to TAFE Queensland. Staff can include their names in works they created.

If a staff member wishes to retain copyright of works they created outside of TQ employment, they should discuss with their supervisor. If they need to use those works in TQ delivery, they should grant TQ permission by completing a 225 FM A - Copyright Permission Request Form and uploaded it to Resourcebank.

© TAFE Queensland [insert year of first publication, e.g. 2023]

Copyright protects this material. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), reproduction by any means (photocopying, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise), making available online, electronic transmission, adaption, performance or other publication of this material is prohibited without the prior written permission of TAFE Queensland. Materials may contain third party content that requires futher approvals before reproducing.

Inquiries must be addressed to the TAFE Queensland Library Network, Copyright & Licencing Manager, Locked Mail Bag 14, South Brisbane, Q 4101, or Email Copyright&

© TAFE Queensland [insert Year of first publication, e.g. 2023]






Photograph of the Old Queensland Museum. By Y Li of TAFE Queensland Library ©TAFE Queensland 2022

If the staff member does not wish to surrender copyright of the photograph, they will have to grant TQ permission to use it. In that case, the attribution will be:

Photograph of the Old Queensland Museum. By Y Li of TAFE Queensland Library, used with permission.

Copyright and disclaimer