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Resources on the shelf

Search the catalogue

TAFE Queensland Library holds many different types of resources in its physical collection. These include non-fiction books, DVDs, fiction, and graphic novels. When you have found an item in our online catalogue, look at the record and note the following details:

  • Call number

    A code containing a combination of letters and numbers. It's used to identify an item and show its address on the library shelf. 

  • Location

    Check which campus library holds the item.

  • Collection

    The library is divided into different sections.

    • General: Most items can be borrowed. Some items may not if they are rare and valuable. These items are usually identified by a Not For Loan sticker on the spine.

    • 7 Day Loans: These resources can only be borrowed for 7 days at a time because they are in high demand. A shorter loan period means more students can access the book faster. It is possible to renew your loan if no one else needs the resource. 

    • Language and Literacy books to help students improve their spoken and written English. These are often in a special section within the library.

    • Journals: Serials, journals and magazines are the same thing. Print copies are available for borrowing from boxes on the shelves where they are stored in order of publication date. Electronic copies of serials can be accessed online or from databases. (See next TAB: Online resources)

    • Held at desk: Very special items may be kept behind the Circulation Desk. These items may have been bought for a particular class or subject and special privileges are required to borrow them.

  • Status

    Is it on loan?
    Is it a new item and still being processed?
    Is it a 'Not for loan' item?
    When items are in heavy demand, they can only be used in the library, to ensure everyone has access. Once the demand ceases, the 'Not for loan' status is removed.

Browse the library shelves 

If you know where items on a subject are located you may find what you need by browsing the shelves. All items on a particular topic are grouped together so they sit beside each other on the shelves.

Ask the library staff for help Our friendly library staff are happy to help you find items in the library.

What do I do if the item isn’t on the shelf?

Double-check the catalogue to make sure you have noted the details correctly. If you still can’t find the item, ask the library staff for assistance.​​

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