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Microsoft 365 training

Microsoft Office Basics

Image 1: Microsoft 365 basic (as shown in Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways 2022)

TAFE Queensland students will be given a licence for the office 365 productivity apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus OneDrive, OneNote, Sway, To Do, Forms, Whiteboard, and more.

*excludes students studying micro-credential courses only.

Student access includes:

  • Mail, Calendar, Tasks - A student mailbox that can store up to 50GB of messages, access to a personal calendar, and a task list app.  Each student's email address will be (student number for the duration of their study at TAFE Queensland.
  • Cloud Storage -Up to 1TB of personal cloud storage via OneDrive.  
  • Office for Desktop -Access to the Office 365 suite of desktop apps for Windows or Mac (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, & Excel) on personal device/s.  
  • Office on the web- Access to the Office 365 apps on the web (Word on the web, PowerPoint on the web, Excel on the web).  
  • Office mobile apps -Access to use the mobile apps for Office (available for iOS, iPadOS and Android).  
  • Other Office 365 tools -Whiteboard for ideas and ideas and collaboration, Sway for creating interactive presentations & web pages, OneNote for capturing and organizing their thoughts, and more. 

Image 2 : Other Office 365 tools (Croft as shown TQ SharePoint : TQ Office 365 for Students)


Students are given a full Office 365 license for the duration of their study plus 6 months, then basic access to Office 365 (including mailbox) for a further 12 months.

Students studying non-accredited or micro-credential courses will still have access to the same tools except for the Office for Desktop products. 

How to Access 365 for students 

Double click on the image to watch this video

Image 3 : video supplied by James Croft

Students can access office 365

To begin, students need:

  • Access to an internet connection
  • Access to a modern web browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Their TAFE Queensland student number and password - provided to them at enrolment.

Before students begin, they need to make sure that they’ve previously activated their student account and created a password.

Sign in steps

  1. Open a new window or tab in their web browser of choice.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in with their TAFE Queensland student number. For example, if their student number is 412345678, then you will sign in with 412345678 and the password they set up. They then click on Log in to continue.
  4. They’re in!

Image 4 : How can students access office 365 (Croft as shown TQ Sharepoint : TQ Office 365 for Students)

We are also encouraging students to set as a bookmark in their browser

You can find more information about how to use Office 365 apps & services at: Office 365 at TAFE Queensland and Infobase Learning Cloud (Microsoft Office 365).

Usage of the tools in Office 365 is subject to TAFE Queensland’s Student Rules and Policies and students will be required to conduct their usage accordingly. 


"Addressing Misuse of Information Technology and Electronic Resources

TAFE Queensland reserves the right to:

  • Moderate access to internet and intranet services, including filtering of websites, and blocking selected non-educational and training websites, in order to improve the speed and quality of education and training delivery;

  • Monitor and record all usage of its computer networks; and

  • Access a student email account where it is considered that there may have been misuse of the email system.

The misuse of information technology and electronic resources is a form of student misconduct, and will be managed under the Student Misconduct process.

Instances of misuse of information technology and electronic resources may also be unlawful behaviour under Queensland or Australian law, and may result in further action being taken." (TAFE QLD 2022)

Image 5 : Ask and get help (as shown in Microsoft 365 Leaning Pathways 2022)

How do I get support for a student using Office 365?

Students and staff can seek help from Microsoft 365 learning pathways, a TAFE Queensland SharePoint site designed to offer self-service help resources on the tools and apps available as a part of Office 365.

There are several other options for students seeking support.

  • More information on how to use Office 365 apps & services can be found at Office 365 at TAFE Queensland.
  • A student needs to change their password for Office 365 - they can use the TAFE Password Manager site and their Office 365 password will also be reset.
  • For student support for with Office apps on student devices, students will need to contact Microsoft Support. TAFE Queensland cannot offer installation advice or support for Office apps on personal devices. 
  • Students can also seek help from Microsoft 365 learning pathways (requires sign-in), a TAFE Queensland SharePoint site designed to offer self-service help resources on the tools and apps available as a part of Office 365. Library staff have also been briefed to assist with student-related Office 365 enquiries. 

We also have a TAP form for Office 365 which has a new request type: “Office 365 for students”. If staff have issues or need us to troubleshoot a student issue they can log a request from there and our M365 Support team will assist.

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