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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I unable to access the standard?

If you are using a personal device to download standards, you will need to install the following applications to open the PDF:

Why am I seeing a blank document?

If there is a blank document with a yellow ribbon at the top of the page - select 'enable all features' in the yellow ribbon to load the document.

Why is the standard trying to open in my web browser (i.e. Chrome, Edge, Firefox)?

Try selecting which application to open the downloaded document in:

  • open your Downloads folder
  • Find the document you have just downloaded
  • Right click on it, select Open with then select Adobe.
Will my pdf download expire? 

No, downloaded standards will not expire, however they may not be the current version of that standard.
Always check the standard online via Techstreet for the most up to date version and amendments.

Why is my Australian Standard displaying an 'invalid parameters' message? 

Techstreet is undertaking maintenance and enhancements to Australian Standards Online, which may require your action upon completion.

Specifically, if you have downloaded PDFs from Australian Standards before April 13, 2023, you might need to re-download them. If you encounter an "Invalid parameters. Please re-download this document" error when attempting to open a secured PDF, simply re-download the file to regain access.

Is there a limit to the number of times a standard can be viewed? 

No - there is no limit to the number of times you can view a standard.

Am I able to access a withdrawn standard?

As per the Standards Australia website, the withdrawn status does not impact the document's availability, or public's ability to use the document. Withdrawn standards can still be purchased from our distributors.

The withdrawn status indicates that the standard is no longer relevant. Standards Australia will not undertake further work to maintain or update a withdrawn standard.

It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or referenced by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are no replacement technical documents readily available.

Where can I find Australian Standard AS/CA S009?

This standard is not available via Techstreet. It can be accessed via the library catalogue or on the Communications Alliance webpage: 

Experiencing Issues?

If you are experiencing issues with logging into Techstreet, installing software or viewing and downloading standards contact TAFE Queensland Libraries by:

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