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Australian Standards Online / Techstreet Enterprise

Required Software for Downloading Standards (Staff)

Downloading Australian Standards

Australian Standards downloaded files are encrypted, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader and FileOpen to access the contents - staff will need to install these applications on their TAFE Queensland staff devices.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: install via Adobe Creative Cloud - see this TAP Knowledge Base article for instructions.

FileOpen plugin: install via the Software Centre - to open the Software Centre:

  1. Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen and type 'software'
  2. Click on the the Software Centre icon
  3. Search for FileOpen and click Install

If FileOpen is no longer working, you can repair it by opening the Software Centre, searching for FileOpen and selecting Repair.

Experiencing issues?

If you are experiencing issues with logging into Techstreet, installing software or viewing and downloading standards contact TAFE Queensland Libraries by:

Printing Australian Standards

Can I bulk print Class Sets?

TAFE Queensland's licence with Techstreet permits the printing of class sets of Australian Standards.

Teachers can request Class Sets to printed via the South West Print Room and North Print Room, see TQ Bulk Printing for more information.
The cost for printing is charged to the requesting team's budget.

SkillsTech staff requesting bulk printing is via the South West print room see TQ Bulk Printing for more information.

Australian Standards in Teaching Materials

Can I use standards in my Connect unit?

Providing a link to a standard in Connect is best practice for student access - advise students that they can view, download and/or print a copy for their own later use.

Can I upload part of a standard to Connect?

Although providing a link to a standard is considered best practice - some content from Australian (and International) Standards may be reproduced under TAFE Queensland’s licence agreement, if the copied portion includes the complete watermark and the Standard's title information. A Warning Notice Standards Warning Notice must proceed the copied portion. 

Visit Copyright & Licencing for more information and to download the Standards Warning Notice, or contact your Learning Services Librarian if you have any questions.

Can I include content from standards in my PowerPoints, assessments, recordings and other teaching materials?

Best practice is to link to standards and limit what is shown to as little as possible in your teaching materials and recorded sessions. The warning notice should be added, as well as referencing/source information.

Can I email a copy of a standard to a student or colleague who is having access issues? 

TAFE Queensland’s licence agreement with Techstreet does not permit copying or communication of standards, and with FileOpen it is not possible to share downloaded files. Also remember, downloaded files are stamped with your user details. 

Accessing Withdrawn Standards

Am I able to access a withdrawn standard?

As per the Standards Australia website, the withdrawn status does not impact the document's availability, or public's ability to use the document. Withdrawn standards can still be purchased from our distributors.

The withdrawn status indicates that the standard is no longer relevant. Standards Australia will not undertake further work to maintain or update a withdrawn standard.

It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or referenced by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are no replacement technical documents readily available.

Accessing International Standards (ISOs)

How can I access an international standard?

To view all international standards that have been purchased see the Subscription Details section on the left-hand side of the Techstreet homepage.

If an international standard is required that is not part of our current subscription, a teacher must seek approval from their Product Lead and request the purchase of the standard by emailing Copyright&

For more information please contact your Learning Services Librarian.

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