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Educator Currency

This site has been designed to showcase the many Library resources available to TAFE Queensland educators.

Highlights- Use the Library Catalogue to Find Even More Great Resources!

Link to Student Engagement and Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Link to 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers
Link to Behaviour for Learning
Link to How to Write Terrific Training Materials
Link to Creating Courses for Adults
Link to The Wiley Handbook of Vocational Education and Training
Link to The Vocational Assessor Handbook
Link to Practice Focused Research in Further Adult and Vocational Education
Link to Virtual Reality in Curriculum and Pedagogy
Link to Virtual Training
Link to Digital Literacy Unpacked
Link to Social Media and Mental Health in Schools
Link to Successes and Setbacks of Social Media
LInk to Supporting Student Mental Health in Higher Education

Educator Currency

How Can I Demonstrate My Educator Currency?

The TAFE Queensland Library Network provides access to resources that enable TAFE educators to fulfil some of the ASQA educator currency requirements. 

Of particular interest will be:

  • The ability to access database articles, journals, eBooks and books via the Library website
  • TAFE Queensland memberships to professional bodies- these memberships support the industry and provide staff with information or PD. 

For further details and support contact:

Library Resources

The TAFE Library databases offer thousands of articles that will assist you to maintain your educator currency.  

There are a large number of databases available, but if you'd prefer to search an education specific database, try ERIC or Education Source

The other option is to do a "Quickfind Search" from the Library homepage.  Simply use the default "Quickfind" and when you view your results, apply the "Format" limiter to specify "Academic Journals".


The Library has a variety of eBooks that are able to be used for both professional and personal development.   

See below for a selection of eBooks based on the following topics: 

Vocational and Higher Education Student Engagement 
 Active Learning Behaviour Modification
Classroom Management Course Design
Online Teaching and Learning  Student Mental Health
Education and Social Media Leadership and Education

Search the Library Catalogue using keywords or titles to find further resources.

Select eBooks in the dropdown to search for eBooks only:


The Library has a variety of physical books that are able to be used for both professional and personal development. 

If the book you'd like is not at the TAFE Library closest to you, simply place a reservation and we'll arrange for it to be sent to you.

See below for a selection of books based on the following topics: 

Vocational Education (Occupational Training)   Active Learning
 Behaviour Modification Classroom Management

Search the Library Catalogue using keywords or titles to find further resources.

Select Books in the dropdown to search for Books only:


Infobase Learning Cloud provides over 30 000 video tutorials covering 110 different software programs. Programs include introductory, intermediate and advanced use of Microsoft Office products as well as online teaching and blended learning and instructional strategies.

Kanopy is an on demand streaming service that provides access to videos with an academic focus.   Videos cover a variety of subjects including art and architecture, business, education, health and medicine, film studies, history, law, media, music, theatre and dance, political science, psychology, science and more! 

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