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This is a guide about accessibility options available with TQLN resources.

Electronic Library Resources

The vast majority of the TAFE Queensland Library databases are provided by EBSCO.

  • All articles in EBSCO databases are available to view in HTML format but only articles published after 2004 are available to view in both HTML and PDF format. 
  • HTML and PDF articles have built in features to support accessibility, however HTML format options offers the widest variety of options.

HTML articles provide the ability to:

  • Choose reading language.
  • Listen to the article being read.
  • Download articles to MP3s.
  • Set reading speed and highlighting options.

To enable these options, click on the drop down option available next to "Listen". 


Once you have clicked on the drop down box, you will see the options that are available:

Text to Speech

  • Select the reading language from the drop down menu.
  • Click the settings icon to set your reading speed and highlighting options.
  • Reading settings include speed, text highlighting, word and sentence colour, enhanced text visibility and automatic scrolling.

Use Text to Speech to Hear a Section of an Article

  • Highlight the passage you would like read
  • A new mini toolbar will appear
  • Click on the listen button on the mini toolbar

PDF Articles

  • PDF Articles in EBSCO databases provide users with the ability to zoom in and zoom out to either maximise or minimise the size of the text in a document.
  • A variety of screen readers can be used. 

There are some non EBSCO databases featured on the TAFE Queensland Library website. 

  • These sites are generally readable via a screen reader technology (at a minimum).

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Although they are not compulsory, many websites are either made to, or working towards meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

  • These guidelines cover a range of recommendations, the aim being to make internet content more accessible to a wide range of people. 

ClinicalKey is the nursing database providing access to many of the nursing resources.

Accessibility features include:

  • High contrast text
  • Keyboard friendly links and buttons
  • Responsive design can be used on small screens and magnified

Text to Speech

  • Need to use a screen reader extension
  • Options include:
    • ChromeVox, extension to Google Chrome
    • Narrator, Microsoft 360 app

The Techstreet database provides access to Australian Standards for TAFE Queensland staff and students.


  • Need to use a screen reader extension
  • Options include:
    • ChromeVox, extension to Google Chrome
    • Narrator, Microsoft 360 app

When viewed online, Standards have the following accessibility features:

  • Magnifier tool
  • Zoom
  • Fit to window
  • Fit to height
  • Fit to width
  • Picture contrasting tools
  • Text to speech


Accessibility features tool bar

Kanopy is the on demand streaming video service providing the majority of videos to TAFE QLD Library users.

Accessibility features include the ability to use:

  • Screen Readers
  • Keyboard Controls
  • Captions and Styling
  • Interactive Transcript Tool
  • Captions

Captions can be enabled on any Kanopy video with a CC icon after clicking the Play button.

Users on desktop or Android devices can change the appearance of the captions by choosing the Captions Settings button on the CC menu.

Caption options include:

  • Foreground colour and opacity
  • Background colour and opacity
  • Window colour and opacity
  • Font size
  • Text edge style
  • Font family

Transcripts can be launched by clicking on the Transcript button after pressing play.

  • Transcripts can be used either simultaneously or independently of the captioning tool.
  • The transcription tool will underline or highlight matching words. 
  • Users can search the transcript and click on any word to jump to the corresponding place in the video.

The TAFE Queensland Library purchases eBooks from a variety of providers, each of which offer features to aid accessibility.

The eBook you use will look slightly different depending on the provider the Library purchased it from, however the most commonly purchased Ebooks are from Proquest or EBSCO.

The following links detail the accessibility options available via these providers. 

TAFE Queensland Library utilises the Flipster Platform for many of its magazine titles.

Flipster meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Flipster accessibility measures include:

  • The ability to utilise keyboard navigation
  • Screen reader capability
  • Text view to facilitate the reading of content of mobile devices
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