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CASA Videos:   

Follow the flight of a Cessna 172 & AA8 Airvan on a flight throughout Queensland & gain valuable safety tips along the way.

  • Episode 1: Fuel Management, bush strips, remote flying, pre-flight discipline, aerodromes
  • Episode 2: Know your aircraft, dangerous goods, NOTAMs and military restricted airspace, Birdsville aerodromes
  • Episode 3: Fatigue management, golden rules of radio calls, operations at non-controlled aerodromes, drug and alcohol testing
  • Episode 4: Refuelling, weather forecasts, pilot well-being
  • Episode 5: Ageing aircraft and SIDs, birdstrikes, planning your route
  • Episode 6Coral coast cruising, operations in and around controlled airspace, Townsville aerodromes
  • Episode 7Weather, ramp checks, remotely piloted aircraft
  • Episode 8: Emergency procedures, weight and balance, look before you land
  • Episode 9: Maintenance, flight plans and SARTIME, Longreach
  • Episode 10Electronic flight bags, housekeeping tips and gear
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