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Kanopy videos

Your Future in Electronics

2014  |  35min

With some final tips, an introduction to the microcontroller, and a demonstration of an amazing circuit aimed at improving the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, Professor Wolfson leaves you with an enhanced appreciation for the complexity of essential modern electronics. You are now well equipped to embark on your own journey through the fascinating world of electronics!

Electric Circuits

2011  |  30min

All electric circuits need an energy source, such as a battery. Learn what happens inside a battery, and analyze simple circuits in series and in parallel, involving one or more resistors. When capacitors are incorporated into circuits, they store electric energy and introduce time dependence into the circuit's behavior.


The Grid: Powering the Future

2021  |  59min

Dr. Niraj Lal meets the Australians leading the biggest change to the electricity grid in a century: the rise of renewable energy. Along the way he explores the new technologies keeping the power on now and in the future.



Electrical Power Distribution

2015  |  30min

Trace the distribution of electrical power from a substation to your home. Begin with the transformer, discovering how this crucial device functions. By the end of this lecture, you will be able to read a utility pole like a book, analysing the different services attached to these ubiquitous structures.



Electrical Power Transmission: The Grid

2015  |  34min

Study the technological marvel called the grid—the system that transmits electricity from its point of generation to users. Learn why electrical transmission lines come in threes, why AC power is used instead of DC, and the reason transmission voltages are so high.



Instruments and Measurement

2014  |  47min

As you grow familiar with physical properties of electric circuits, become acquainted with the instruments used to measure these quantities: voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, and the oscilloscope. See how each of these instruments interacts with a circuit to test circuit behavior or measure quantities that may vary over time.


Renewable Sources of Electricity

2015  |  32min

Survey the three most important sources of renewable energy: hydropower, wind power, and solar power. Look at the inner workings of hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, solar-thermal power stations, and photovoltaic arrays to see how each takes a renewable energy source and converts it into electricity.



Useful YouTube videos

Electrical safety for apprentices

Sep 2018  |  14min  |  WorkSafeQueensland

The Electrical safety for apprentices film is aimed at both apprentices and supervising tradespeople to help to build the capabilities of apprentices to be safe and productive at work. Find out how to give your apprentice the best support, training and mentoring within your business.


Managing the risks of high fault currents

Sep 2019  |  5min  |  WorkSafeQueensland

Senior Inspector, Mark Pocock discusses the risks of working around high fault current.