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Engineered Transparency: Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering

2007  |  1hr

After its role in the last century's call to a radical new architecture and urban life, glass architecture is today more ubiquitous than ever. A highly engineered product, glass has emerged in a new light as an apparently culturally accepted material in design and construction. Its new incarnation, however, reveals a virtually new product replacing the glass used even twenty years ago.


Concrete And Glass

2007  |  23min

Architects are exploring the technology of glass and concrete in creative ways. We look at transparent expressions of contemporary architecture.




YouTube videos

Australian Standards - Surface Preparation

Nov 2021  |  9min  |  PaintersInstitute

These hempcrete blocks are a green building material made with a hemp-lime insulation mixture packed around a biocomposite structural frame. They can be stacked like bricks to build walls up to 30 feet high and they become the insulation and the structure of the building. All you need to do after the walls are built is plaster the inside and outside, and then add windows, doors, and a roof!