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Applied Management | Degree Course

Applied Management - Use the Library Catalogue to find even more great resources!


  • Social media for business 

    Learn about the pros and cons of using social media and the different platforms.

  • Harvard Business School Working Knowledge 

    Browse articles by Harvard Business School on various business topics and by industry and region.

  • International Labour Organization 

    The ILO brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 countries, to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.

  • MIT Sloan School of Management - case studies 

    Some of the case studies featured here highlight the decision-making process in a business or management setting. Other cases are descriptive or demonstrative in nature, showcasing something that has happened or is happening in a particular business or management environment.

  • Business Case Studies 

    Download free case studies from real world companies and associated lesson materials.

  • Cranet - International Human Resource Management 

    This website has information on best practice and comparative performance globally. Coordinated by Cranfield School of Management, it is now the acknowledged leader in all aspects of international human resource management, both theoretical and practical.



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