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Online Videos

Kanopy is a video streaming site which may contain programs related to your study.
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The Amazing World of Aviation

This 13 part series takes you through the history of flight. Episodes include: The beginnings of flight, the first decades of aviation, aeronautical technology takes off, aviation goes commercial, seaplanes cross the ocean, the history of the jet age, the jet age takes off, the growth of airports, flying at the speed of sound-the concord, Boeing's first great success-the 737, the success of twin-engine aircraft, the boeing 737- a revelation in air travel and next stop for the aviation industry- space!

Warbirds Over the Trenches

This 5 part series discusses the legendary aircrafts and battles that made their mark on history.  It includes interviews with men who flew in the Great War, archival film footage and videos of restored aircraft flying today.


Check out these CASA produced videos.  Follow the flight of a Cessna 172 and AA8 Airvan on a flight throughout Queensland and gain valuable safety tips along the way.

Episode 1: Fuel Management, bush strips, remote flying, pre-flight discipline, aerodromes

Episode 2: Know your aircraft, dangerous goods, NOTAMs and military restricted airspace, Birdsville aerodromes

Episode 3: Fatigue management, golden rules of radio calls, operations at non-controlled aerodromes, drug and alcohol testing

Episode 4: Refuelling, weather forecasts, pilot well-being

Episode 5: Ageing aircraft and SIDs, birdstrikes, planning your route

Episode 6: Coral coast cruising, operations in and around controlled airspace, Townsville aerodromes

Episode 7: Weather, ramp checks, remotely piloted aircraft

Episode 8: Emergency procedures, weight and balance, look before you land

Episode 9: Maintenance, flight plans and SARTIME, Longreach

Episode 10: Electronic flight bags, housekeeping tips and gear

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