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Referencing (TAFE)

DOI (Digital Object identifier)

Digital Object identifiers (DOI)

The style manual states that a DOI is a series of numbers and punctuation that identifies a document. Unlike a URL, a DOI always stays the same. DOIs are also internationally standardisedWorks that have DOIs include most journal articles, some e-books and some PDFs.If the document has a DOI, include it in the citation in the reference list. Put it at the end of the citation and include the shortened form ‘doi’ in lower case before it.


RuleAuthor AA (Year of publication)' Title of article', Title of Journal, volume no (issue no.):page nos. xx-xx, doi: xxx

Ewert D (2014) 'Content-learning tasks for adult ESL learners: promoting literacy for work or school', TESOL Journal, 5 (2):265-287, doi :10.1002/tesj.119


Rule: Author A (Year) Title of book: subtitle of book, Name of Publisher, doi:number

Paul W and Sharma CP (2015) Advances in wound healing materials: science and skin engineering, Smithers Rapra, doi: 10.15347/wjm/2014.008. 5

References used

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