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Information for Students


All TAFE Queensland provided learning material and content accessed via TAFE Queensland Library are provided under special licences for TAFE Queensland enrolled students and staff only.

Such contents are not be shared with other people. Printing and reproduction limits apply to all copyright works, in most cases you can reproduce a maximum of 10% of text.  Refer to the warning notice tab above for details.  

Printing costs in TQ Libraries
Size Cost
A4 – B&W - single sided $0.09 - $0.10
A4 – B&W - double sided $0.18 - $0.20
A4 – Colour - single sided $0.18 - $1.00
A4 – Colour - double sided $0.36 - $2.00
A3 – B&W - single sided $0.16 - $0.30
A3 – B&W - double sided $0.31 - $0.70
A3 – Colour - single sided $0.60 - $2.00
A3 – Colour - double sided $1.19 - $4.00
Scanning $0.10

Note: Some campuses may require you to bring your own paper.  Please contact your local TAFE campus Library for further information.

Commonwealth of Australia

Copyright Act 1968

Notice about the reproduction of works and the copying of published editions


Copyright owners are entitled to take legal action against persons who infringe their copyright. A reproduction of material that is protected by copyright may be a copyright infringement. Certain dealings with copyright will not constitute an infringement, including:

(a) a reproduction that is a fair dealing under the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act), including a fair dealing for the purposes of research or study; or

(b) a reproduction that is authorised by the copyright owner.

It is a fair dealing to make a reproduction for research or study, of one or more articles in a periodical publication for the same research or same course of study or, for any other work, of a reasonable portion of a work.

For a published work in hardcopy form that is not less than 10 pages and is not an artistic work, 10% of the number of pages, or one chapter, is a reasonable portion.

For a published work in electronic form only, a reasonable portion is not more than, in the aggregate, 10% of the number of words in the work.

More extensive reproduction may constitute fair dealing. To determine whether it does, it is necessary to have regard to the criteria set out in subsection 40(2) of the Act.

A court may impose penalties and award damages in relation to offences and infringements relating to copyright material.

Higher penalties may apply, and higher damages may be awarded, for offences and infringements involving the conversion of material into digital or electronic form.

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